Requierd Documents for travel

Please refer to US Government’s international travel page for current regulations and information regarding international travel.

United States Citizen travel requirements for same day round trip or split travel:

  • Valid US passport (valid at least 30 days) OR state issued birth certificate with valid government issued picture ID. Passengers under the age of 16 do not require government issued picture ID.
  • Passports are STRONGLY recommended as should you be required to re-enter the US by air birth certificates with government issued picture ID IS NOT ACCEPTED.
  • Naturalization paper (MUST BE ORIGINAL)
  • ARC (Alien Resident Card) (no copies permitted) + it is recommended you also have your original passport from country of citizenship. The 551 stamp with valid extension date or valid documentation for extension is accepted in the event the green card is expired
  • Enhanced driver’s license (valid for same day round trip travel)

Documents NOT accepted include:

  • Baptismal certificates.
  • Hospital certificate of birth.
  • Puerto Rican birth certificates issues prior to July 1, 2010. Those issued after that date are valid.

Non US Citizens requirements for same days round trip or split travel:

  • Visa Waiver country – proof of ESTA and valid entry stamp
  • Non Visa Waiver country – Valid Passport with entry stamp with Multiple Entry (single entry will not be accepted)
  • F1 and M1 Visas must have their current I-20 form properly signed and dated. NOTE F1 passengers ARE permitted to travel within their 30 day grace period after expiration. M1 passengers CANNOT travel after visa or I20 is expired. Their 30 day grace period only allows stay in the US.
  • J1 Visas must have current DS2019 form with proper dates and signatures. J1 passengers CANNOT travel after visa or DS2019 is expired. Their 30 day grace period only allows stay in the US.
  • C1/D passengers MUST have signed off their carrier or vessel with a B1/B2 or WT.

Bahamian Visas
Certain countries are required to obtain Bahamian Visas in order to overnight in the Bahamas. Please check with the Bahamian Consulate to see if this is a requirement in your particular country. Note that the Visa is required based upon the country of birth/citizenship, not the country of residence.

Bahamian Citizens requirements:
  • Please contact travel agency for updated citizenship information
  • Valid passport
  • ARC card holders should have valid passport as well
  • Residents of the Bahamas must have valid residency card or a Letter of Permit to Reside with proper stamps/dates